A woman walks into a Doctor’s Office…

Bad doctor

A woman walks into a doctor’s office.

Doctor, I have a specific pain and I need help.
OK, I can help. I’m a doctor.
Do you know about this pain?
I have spent years creating treatments for all kinds of pains.
Great, so do your treatments work?
People seem to like them. I don’t know if they actually work, I have very little experience trying them to fix problems.
Oh. But you are a doctor?
Yes, I went to university and have spent years coming up with treatments.
OK, so do you know anything about my specific pain?
I know what pain is.
Yes but do you know how to fix my pain?
I can’t make any guarantees. I haven’t really looked into treating other people’s pain before.
So, can I try your pain treatments first to see if they work?
No. My pain treatments take me hours to think up. They are very expensive.
But, what if they don’t work?
I’ve heard leading doctors make a lot of money. That’s the going rate. “A lot of money.”
I have pain. My friends have pain. If I share your treatments around we can figure out if they work. If they do, I will absolutely pay you “a lot of money”.
What? You’re trying to rip me off. You’re trying to take advantage of me.
No, I have pain. I want to see if your treatments work for my pain. If I pay you a lot of money and the treatments don’t work, I still have pain and no money to try to treat them. I won’t trust treatments anymore. I will tell everyone that treatments don’t work. Doctors will get a bad reputation and that’s bad for everyone – because in the end, we all have pain… and there are treatments available but nobody wants to use them.

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