I’m a lonely little petunia….Bad SEO Companies in Australia

Here’s an optimised post about Bad SEO Companies in Australia – SEO suicide?  I’ll take the hit to spread the word!

As of yesterday, I’ve clearly been added to yet another spam list.  My inbox is full of poorly written emails from far flung SEO companies offering “best quality for you” copywriting and SEO services.  I get it, they’re marketing.  They’ve probably got a 1% hit rate on this spam and it adds up to a good ROI for them.  They promise EPIC results for pennies and they deliver exactly what you pay for.  This I understand, aggressive email marketing is a time honoured strategy for business – even if their execution is as awful as the results they deliver.  Mark as spam and move on…  Where I really feel like a lonely little petunia in an onion patch is when the perpetrators are Aussie SEO companies!

Bad Australian SEO companies

There are a lot of great SEO companies in Australia.  We’re a growing industry and more and more they’re coming to realise that quality trumps quantity and that quality costs money.  They get out there and build your online reputation and drive clicks through high quality content.  These are not the SEO companies of which I speak – they too are lonely little petunias in an onion patch of their very own.

Bad Australia SEO companies are the ones still operating on the ” results at any cost”  philosophy.  They promise page one slot one in under six months…or your money back.  These guys are the onion patch that harms us all – the industry included.   Results at any cost is a kind of slash and burn SEO.  Their promises come true, you do rocket to number one with a bullet – but the cost is destroying your business through algorithmic punishment.

Here’s why bad SEO companies do what they do

“Page one in three months or your money back” is a lot sexier and simpler to say than a thirty minute explanation on the complexities of SEO.  Good SEO companies will ensure you’re getting some traction pretty fast but we do it by delivering a variety of keywords driven by quality link building and content development.  The big keywords, we put a safe, long term plan in place.  Not very sexy.

Bad SEO companies rain down layer upon layer of crappy links upon your site.  These grow your online presence, and fast.  Then Google comes along and rains down it’s own world of pain upon you.  You end up de-indexed, penalised out of existence.  For three glorious months you were a sales machine – but the cost is your whole business.

bad SEO companies in Australia

…and all I do is cry all day.

You panic, call your bad SEO company, and suddenly your calls are not returned. In fact, they too are ” out of business’  and no longer honouring their contracts (there’ll be a clause about this).  Two weeks later you’ll see them popping up in forums and on pages talking about their new “quality driven services”  which is, more of the same, with one or two omissions from their link building services.

So what do you do?  You reach out to a good SEO company…like us.  After the last Penguin update, we started getting a WHOLE LOT of requests to ” undo my SEO”.  This works out to be far more expensive than if you’d come to us at the start because we first need to undo bad links (via a disavowing service) and then replace them with our safer, higher quality links.  Hard work for us (we hate this work) and worst of all, we can’t even guarantee it will work.  You may end up paying for us to do all this work for you and bam, no results.  You’ve been permanently black-banned from Google results and it’s time to delete your website and start over.  Your name is mud.  There’s no way back.

Who are the worst SEO companies in Australia?

Some are your one man shows with their collection of private blogs driving SEO through spammy means.  Some are one-man-shows that simply buy the spam in your inbox on your behalf and with a nice mark up for their efforts.  Some however, are nationally known, carefully branded, “reputable”  SEO companies.  How do we know that? Because we’ve seen PLENTY of their clients come through our door!

What you need to know about buying bad SEO

If you’re bracing yourself for taking the risk and jumping right into cheap and cheerful, big promise SEO here’s some stuff you should consider.

You have a “trendy” product that will only be a big seller for a few months – then come in, make your money and move on.  Just keep in mind that you’re always at risk so be sure to maximise conversions on your site – the clock is ticking.

Don’t let them link DIRECTLY to your money site. Set up a couple of auxiliary sites and drive links to those – use those sites to link to your conversion pages on your main site.  This is against Google rules too but at least you can delete the auxiliary sites when the world of pain rains down.  It does mean though that your money site will need it’s own, quality SEO plan.

Don’t expect the best of both worlds - if you do get a penalty, you’ll likely be “on your own” so expect it and then expect that the undoing process will be costly and likely not possible.

Prepare yourself for immediate failure – if the SEO company is bad enough, you may fail to launch.  Very high risk/high reward SEO may be picked up immediately by Google’s algorithm.   That comes down to how crafty your bad SEO company really is.

And now, this entry will rank for BAD SEO!

Usually I wouldn’t optimise a post for the keyword BAD SEO (which I have done here) as I don’t want the keywords bad SEO associated with my name and brand – it’s not what we do.  We do however undo a lot of work by bad SEO companies in Australia so I am writing this to help you, the small business in the onion patch to understand the risks you’re taking.  Enjoy – and if you do decide to go ahead, come see us when you’re ready to try again!



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