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Need blog topic ideas?  This is one of my all time favourite things, so I am going to do little “Ideary Me” posts where I help clients learn the art of the brain dump!  Simply comment below with your blog and I’ll check it out and then do a brain dump for you!  I enjoy coming up with blog topic ideas because it moves my brain into creativity mode – so let’s work together!  I’ll announce on Facebook when I’m keen for a Blog Topic Brain Dump.

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Blogging Ideas that are ON FIRE

Blog Topic Ideas:  Teddy Bears

High end teddy bears for sale online but competing with traditional teddy bear shops.

Blogging ideas about teddy bears

 Target Keyword: Teddy Bears Online

Keywords used in blog topics should be narrow, answer a specific question and fulfill a specific role.  What are you trying to achieve with the blog entry? Do you need to simply pull in more traffic by educating them, do you need to pursuade readers that keep coming back but not buying?  Do you need to reassure your loyal customers?  Do you simply need more click through and click around your blog?

Educational Blog Topics:

5 reasons to buy your teddy bears online 5 mistakes to avoid when you buy teddy bears online How to tell if teddy bears are dodgy when buying online 5 red flags to look for when choosing teddy bears online

Persuasive Blog topics:

Why our teddy bears are the safest bet online! How buying one of our teddy bears online changed everything for a little girl The life of our teddy bears, from manufacture, to online, to you. Inside the online teddy bear store – why we’re the most fair trade teddy bears online

Customer Retention Blog Topics

Jane bought one of our teddy bears online, you won’t believe what happened next! 10 years after we sold the first of our teddy bears online, and we’re now Australia’s favourite! 5 years after buying one of our teddy bears online – let’s see how they hold up to childhood!

 Click Grab Blogs

10 weirdest messages included with our teddy bears Teddy bear fails – when personalising teddy bears goes bad Wicca Bears – The Teddy Bears Solstice Picnic Name th famous movie scenes re-enacted by our Teddy Bears How to knit a teddy bear hat – step by step photo blog instructions


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Blog Topic Ideas:  Pre-Packed Hospital Bags

Pre-packed hospital bags, specifically for the maternity ward. hospital bag

Target Keyword: Hospital Bag

Remember, these keywords used in blog topics should answer a specific question and serve a very specific purpose. This is not the place to go after big broad keywords!

Educational Blog Topics:

The three things I WISH I’d packed in my hospital bag! The “premmie” hospital bag – must haves for early babies. Hospital bag essentials for those day 4 baby blues.

Persuasive Blog topics:

Why a hospital bag is the BEST gift for a first time mum The difference between your hospital bag and ours! Five reasons our hospital bag is the safest on the market

Customer Retention Blog Topics

First Baby V Second Baby – things to know about your next hospital visit Mary’s Story – How her hospital bag saved the day Five mums tell us why their hospital bag was their favourite baby gift

Click Grab Blogs

MEGA pads, hemorrhoid cream and stool softners – the hospital bag of humiliation! Found: formula in the hospital bag – you won’t believe what this mum endured for choosing to bottle feed Kale, co-sleeping and the rise of the sanctimummy!  Superstar mum or self-righteous bitch?  Your call!

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  1. Great idea :)

  2. If anyone runs with the Wicca bear topic, please post the link! That sounds awesome.


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