Something Special – Creative Business Advice from a Two Year Old

Creative Business Advice

Yesterday, my two year old received “something special” in the form of a weird truck with a claw thing that picks up an ice cube that has a monster in it. I would probably describe it as “something random” but he thinks it just fabulous, and has given it pride of place on his pillow.

Today, when asked what he’d like to do, the answer was “something special”. I tried to explain that not every day can be “something special” or he’d grow to be “someone spoilt”.

And that was my mistake. Attempting to reason with a two year old, I mean. I was totally right about the spoilt thing.

When I sat down to work on my business I found myself completely stuck in “something mundane”, “something taxable”, “something miscellaneous”. I had a long list of “something nothings” to do. Don’t get me wrong, “something nothings” are what keep the accountant happy, keep the workers paid, keep the inbox full but “something specials” are what keeps the business exciting and bright. Why do we, in life, not just in business value the “something specials” less than the “something nothings”. Why do we constantly put off the “something specials” to make time for the “something nothings”? So I’m taking business advice from a two year old.

Today, instead of reconciling my “something nothings” for the month and getting them filed alphabetically, I created. I created “something special”, I created “something original”, I created “something worth trying” and before long, I came up with creative ways to make the “something nothings” a little more “special”. Better business advice than any coach I ever met!

Not every day can be full of “something specials” at the cost of “something nothings”, you’ll spoil your business and it won’t do as it’s told or eat its vegetables. But, whether you call it R&D, day dreaming, planning or you call it an afternoon off with the fairies, without new “something specials”, your business could turn into “nothing special”.

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