Online Marketer, Digital Copywriter, Ideaist, Game of Thrones Addict

You know when you’re comfy, settled in, doing one thing that you’re good at and you’ve got no burning desire to change a thing? Me neither.  I’m an online marketer and copywriter by trade but I also like developing business ideas and then packaging them up and selling them.

I build small businesses for fun (and profit) and  I am in love with creating kickass ideas to get REALLY excited about.  

I get high on inspiration and I love to drag my clients along with me!  

Just the kind of person you need right?  Read on my friend, or let’s just have a chat.

The Obligatory Resume

From rock n roll tours, to community radio, to the BBC to commercial copywriting and finally into the world of digital marketing…  I like to keep life a bit interesting.  

If you want to check my credentials, qualifications and all the other nuts and bolts, check me out on LinkedIn.  

Currently I am the owner and Creative Director at Talk About Creative and am developing two digital marketing businesses for sale.

Digital Marketing Projects

Working with me on any digital marketing project, from simple Facebook promotions to major campaigns is about getting excited about an awesome concept, and then letting the thrill of a good idea spread like a virus.   That’s how we’ll find you the right customers and that’s how we find consumers the right brands.  It’s not all about you, it’s about finding those folk who have been searching for you all their lives – they just don’t know it yet!  Our digital marketing strategies are 100% about genuine growth and I work with an ever-growing team of brilliant marketers and creatives.  Wait until you meet them, you’re going to LOVE them!


Working With Me

I think you should know right now, I don’t wear heels.  There is not enough money on this planet to get me into a business suit and yet, my ideas, experience and strategies always impress the suits.  

If you’re working in a corporate environment I’ll be the breath of fresh air you’ve been trying so hard to bring into the boardroom.  I am equally happy bringing life to campaigns born in workshops or shoe shops.


Recent Blog Posts


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