Anatomy of a Quicky – Facebook Promotions and ROI

Facebook promotions ROI, examples of good promotions on Facebook


How to run a successful, quick Facebook promotion

Facebook reach remains the Holy Grail of social media marketers (which bugs me but that’s another blog) and the ever changing landscape of the Facebook promotion makes it hard to know what’s going to work and what’s going to get you into trouble. Since December last year, when Facebook started systematically decreasing organic reach, there’s been a knowledge arms race, made up of experiments and heated discussions. Even with all this research, you’ll need to lower some of your expectations. That old school reach where a single post just went viral for days, reaching hundreds of thousands of people – that is largely a thing of the past.

So, how do you get yourself some fast and dirty reach on Facebook?

The best practice these days seems to be about posting links to viral articles (which doesn’t do all that much for your own branding), clicks on the images and status and comments. So how do you translate this into VALUABLE content? Not just reach for reach sake, reach for new likers and on brand marketing?

Shopper’s Spree

Shopper’s Spree (aka Spree on Facebook) is a concept designed to help my clients make sales and grow their Facebook pages with AUTHENTIC buyers as fans. I have been using it to run content experiments for over a year now and have a shortlist.  The goal is to not just fans, but buyers, that’s important. The value prop is “we send you thousands of tipsy Aussie mums on a bargain hunting, impulse buying, spending spree”. You get the idea. We use several promotional tools to keep the page’s reach up in the lead up to shopping events. These include a variety of “giveaway” based games with a partner client, we also do work designed to capture email addresses and grow other social platforms – but this is all about fast and dirty Facebook fans. These are all different but have the same objectives for clients (this can of course be run on the client’s own page too):

1. Generate profit for the client
2. Dramatically increase reach quickly
3. Create viral, organic content sharing
4. Increase fan base for client
5. Increase brand awareness for client

And let’s not forget that quality Facebook promotions offer highly targeted fans great value – enough to get them engaged and excited. That’s how promos really take off!

Anatomy of a Fast and Dirty Facebook Quicky

The most successful Facebook promotions have these things in common:

  • Posted at peak time on client’s page or on a large industry page
  •  Highly desirable and viral Call To Action
  • Comments designed to pique the interest (and attract the clicks and likes) of their friends while branding the Shopper’s Spree page – this is vital and the step people neglect!
  •  Force fans to click “See More”
  • Multiple images to illicit image clicks
  • Highly curious, desirable, quirky product that the target market desires but would perceive as a frivolous, unnecessary or low priority purchase.  This will depend on the client’s product range though. The right audience will jump on it anyway!
  • Explain the benefits of the product to increase desire. Reverse auctions are ESPECIALLY good for this and offer EXCELLENT value to clients
  • Use clear, clean images that expose the brand’s benefits – if it’s an emotional purchase, you can throw in a few puppies or similarly emotive images
  • Reply to comments with benefits of the product and conversational tips about your brand
  • Unhide all comments (this reduces the risk of your fans getting marked as spammers)

9000 reach from a single post may not be the squillions of yesteryear but, this single post lead to massive brand awareness for the client, follow up sales, brand new Facebook fans in her core demographic, enquiries and interest in her product and exposure to wholesaling opportunities. It also received excellent reach for the Shopper’s Spree page, tons of new fans and an increase in awareness.  In short, this was a very successful Facebook promotion that was fast, easy and fun – offering layers of value to everyone involved.
There is no value in digital marketing without authenticity. I urge clients to switch focus purely from reach grabbing to a emphasis on ROI and clear sales goals. How do you do it? Consistency, value, targeting and a down and dirty quicky promotion well executed!

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