Facebook Sales – How To Make Money!

So, what happens when you use Facebook like you would Twitter in the name of converting more Facebook sales?  I came up with Shopper’s Spree to find out!In a nutshell, we send you hundreds of tipsy Aussie mums on a bargain hunting, impulse buying, spending spree. It’s very fast paced (which Facebook isn’t great with) and it’s quite literally a one hour long, intense shopping frenzy… just what Facebook ISN’T designed for!  How to make money on Facebook is one of those questions… ones we hate to be asked because it’s not that simple.  So, I went about finding out at least one way to do it! Check out the site here and the Facebook page here.

Fast Moving Facebook Sales - how to convert on Facebook

Why Shopper’s Spree makes money when other sales don’t

Truthfully, I think I just got jealous of Facebook page owners who could delight a community giving them what they  wanted – it was so lovely and so gratifying…unfortunately it wasn’t easy to convert into cash (I can hear bloggers nodding through the interwebz).  So, I came up with Shopper’s Spree Facebook Sales.   It wasn’t just about helping clients convert more sales on Facebook and it also wasn’t about growing fan pages and mailing lists – these are lovely and important side benefits.  It was also about getting to know the Facebook retail market better and Facebook itself when it comes to event marketing and fast moving, Twitter-like pages.  It comes down to making sure the market is right for the product, position, place and price – just like it always has been.  Making sure that Facebook plays nice is the other thing…


“Can I just say that Spree rocks!! I have almost sold out of my clearance lines and found some happy new fans too. Still invoicing and lots of work to send it all out. If you’ve ever wanted to spree do it. I put up over 100 pics and I’m still almost sold out.”   Kim Seymour,  Jelly and Bananas Online Boutique  


Five things I learned using Facebook for Sales Events

  1. Do them live.  Scheduling doesn’t help for timing or for reach.  Posting back to back, fast moving sales items is less stressful live than it is with bits scheduled.
  2. Price point is vital.  The vast majority of shoppers don’t turn first to Facebook, they need to see something they want and then click through – they’re not going shopping.  To convert from interest to purchase, the price point needs to instantly recognisable as valuable or they’ll still revert to ebay.
  3. Give each post space.  If you’re selling a ton of product on Facebook in a sales hour, you’re better off limiting to 10-15 products spaced out than trying to cram in tons (and don’t cram the hour leading up to it either, give a good half hour’s quiet time).  It will STILL feel like a frenzy if you encourage them to take an action once they’re considered a purchase…. which brings me to point 4….
  4. Make them comment.  If you’re advertising a product for sale – get them to list what they love about it, or better still comment something that will inspire their friends to click through and check out what they’re talking about.  Getting them to post something like… I love boobies on breastfeeding jewellery for example, will deliver a status update to friend’s pages that simply says “Jane Smith – your page name I love boobies” and that will get some clicking happening!
  5. Invoice THAT night.  Do not wait 24 hours even if it’s past your bed time.  The faster you invoice the better your chance of getting payments. Don’t wait for buyer’s remorse to kick in, get them paying THAT night.

Facebook Vs Twitter for Fast Moving Sales

Twitter is much better equipped to handle this kind of sale and if you are running it from a website and need click through, I’d definitely recommend Twitter over Facebook.  Facebook will absolutely MURDER your reach if post repeated links to your own website (Google Plus too).  Pinning sale prices too will only give you a board that forever stands as a testimonial of how low you can go on prices – so Pinterest is probably a bad plan too. The benefit of Facebook sales is that if your tribe is there – then they’re going to be engaged and loyal because that’s what Facebook is all about, snuggling up to buyers.  So when you give them a reason to buy, they will.  Every commercial page on Facebook is different so you need to run your own experiments but these few tips will definitely get you started!  If you don’t have an established tribe on Facebook and you want to kick off your presence showcasing your products and reaching a highly targeted market, get in touch, we’re always after amazing new Shopper’s Spree sellers!

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