Good Content Writers Don’t Cost $6

I have been writing articles this morning.  I don’t usually do much article writing these days as I’m too busy doing copywriting work  for clients and our own (apparently never to be launched) new website.  As I was writing, I keep in mind all those things that make good commercial blog articles.  See, the last few months there’s been a surge in content writing services – starting at just $6.  How much does it cost to hire a good content writer? Not $6.

Good content writers cost more because they’re not just some random sitting at home hoping to make $6 in their spare time.  They’re trained.  They’re experienced. They have sales writing experience.  They tick boxes that need ticking to bring in web traffic, to convert sales and most importantly, to create a valuable experience for the reader.  Good writers cost money. Full stop.  Even if it’s a blogger doing a review for you, a good one will cost you money because they understand your brand and understand their audience and have the skills to connect the two.

Here’s what you’re paying for when you hire an article writer

When you hire an article writer, you can either invest in amazing blog content that stays alive for years to come, or you can take a $20 note (or $6 in coins), rub it in dirt and set fire to it.  That’s the difference – cost vs investment.  Here’s the basic list of what makes a good commercial blog article:

  1. Has catchy headlines
  2.  It’s not salesy but is designed to lead to sales
  3. It identifies pain points – and problems, it demonstrates that you understand those problems and then offers a non-sales driven solution.
  4. It’s well written, with an appropriate voice (quirky, funny, helpful) that makes it enjoyable or valuable to read.
  5. It has no spelling or grammar issues (if this one does, it’s because my proofreader is M.I.A!)
  6. It has good opportunities for beautiful imagery
  7. It’s optimised for keywords and uses rich language to capture longtail traffic.
  8. It has clear instructions for what you want the reader to do next
  9. It has clear instructions for keeping the reader on your blog
  10. It tickles emotions – be it happiness, worry – whatever, there must be an emotional connection

Here’s what you are paying for when you hire a good content writer

A good article writer knows audiences.  They know their own limitations and are happy to find ways to compensate for them (see the spelling and grammar note above).  They won’t just “wing it” – they’ll get to the heart of the problem you’re trying to solve and find the right voice to deliver your message – without hard selling.  They’ll intuitively deliver meta narratives like “trust” or “professional” or “expert” in every story they create for your blog.  What you’ll receive is a piece of branding collateral, not just 300 – 600 keyword heavy, waffle laden words.

So how much does a good content writer cost?

Don’t ask me.  I’m a content and copywriter, not an accountant!  I understand that I am not great with money and so does my bookkeeper – so she’s put a blanket ban on me quoting (I don’t even have access to the price list).  I know that I’ll never write AMAZING content on budgeting, I know that I’ll never come up with amazing ideas for organising the home (I would but I can’t find my notebook).  I recognise my flaws and then pass the job onto one of the super organised and on budget writers in my team.  That’s the difference between a ho-hum freelance writer who is seeking all the work they can get – and a content writing firm like Talk About Creative.  You always get the right writer for the job.

Anyhoo, if you’re looking for content writing quote, Melinda is your girl.  Email her at Accounts at Talk About Creative dot com dot au.

Right, that’s enough procrastination, back to writing!


  1. Love the “tickles the emotions” line.


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