How to use Google Plus for Business if you’re really a Facebook Girl!

Translate your expert Facebook knowledge into Google Plus results with this handy Decoder Ring!  We’ve put together screen shots you’ll be familiar with from Facebook with their Google Plus counterpart – so you can quickly learn how to use Google Plus for business as well as your do on Facebook!

how to use Google Plus for Business if you're used to Facebook


I am working with a big group of amazing Aussie business women and one thing I’ve found is that everyone is scared to make the leap to G+ – it’s a shame because it’s jam packed with SEO goodness and awesome features!  Alas, it’s true though, it is the most complicated of the social media platforms.  It’s not just a place to connect to communities, it’s a place to connect your website to all the candy Google has to offer – so while it’s a bit trickier to figure out what’s going on, it’s well worth it.  The good news is that Google has refined their product range to make it easier to understand, it’s now called My Business.


The Facebook To Google Plus Decoder Ring – For Business Born on Facebook

Because Facebook business users just don’t get what you’re trying to do Google Plus – you’re confusing, and awkward because we’ve been conditioned to be Facebook experts!  Well, here’s the translation guide!  This should help you figure out how to use Google Plus for business in terms that you’ve been taught over and over by Facebook!


  1. Finding Google+ hard because I keep comparing features to FB. Time to put the Google+ hat on!

  2. They have lots of the same features but a few key differences – Facebook has far more advanced analytics and monetising options (Google Plus will some day) but Google plus has a lot more SEO goodness – and hangouts. They’re cool too.

  3. This is very interesting thanks Dana… will there be follow up blog posts?? Noela


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