How to Use Punctuation Marks – an Infographic

I have a confession to make, i’m a terrible over-punctuation-marker!  I have never been good with these little suckers – I’m a huge fan of the extended ellipsis…….  and I get my “quotation marks’ all wrong.  I am lucky in that in my professional life I have two amazing women called Cate and Antonia who keep me in check.  If you’re not so lucky, he’s a rather awesome infographic on how to use punctuation marks courtesy of


How to use punctuation marks infographic

How to use punctuation marks – the idiot’s guide

The English language is just a nasty piece of work, with it’s random pronunciation and cryptic spelling.  And yes, I feel like a fraud posting about how to use punctuation marks – (should there be a hypen there?  Wait which dash it is? Does this actually require parentheses?  Aren’t they called brackets?  No wait, the square ones are brackets – really? ) but if you’re like me, you TOTALLY need it.  *sigh*


*you can take that sigh as a little extra comment from me.

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