How to Invite eMail Contacts to Your Facebook Page

Want to know how to invite email contacts to like your Facebook page?  In a few minutes you can send out an invitation to everyone you’ve ever emailed (or an edited down version if you prefer – no need to get the complaints department at Telstra involved).

Go to Facebook Activity tab

First go to the Activity tab on your Facebook page and click Invite Email Contacts

Invite email contacts to facebook - how to go to activity tab and click invite



Next, upload your contact list.  It’s not as hard as it sounds and there are instructions for all the major email servers.  You’re just exporting a CSV file of all your contacts.

invite email contacts to like you on facebook 1


Export your email contact list

On Gmail, simply select contacts (where it says Gmail top left is a drop down menu) and then select either the contact cards you’ve set up in there OR all the people you ever spoke to on emailed (get ready to edit!). Check Google CSV format.  For other mail servers, just click the one you need in the list.  Save the contact list to your hard drive.

Uploading contact list

 Upload and edit your contacts

Now simply upload the list to Facebook in that Activity tab.


upload list to facebook


Here you can choose which contacts to invite and which to avoid.  Be careful though, if you uploaded 609 contacts and edited it down to just the good ones, and then you accidentally click away, you have to start over and you cry a little bit.

choose the contacts you want to send to


Preview and Send – Simple

Facebook will then show you a preview of the invitation.  Click the authorisation box at the bottom and click send.  Facebook will then take a few minutes to sort through the list.  It will look for email addresses already registered with Facebook but that are NOT fans of your page.  Pretty good free service really!


preview of invitation sent to email contacts by Facebook

 And it wouldn’t be Facebook if you couldn’t get banned!

Oh oh, a little warning.  I was mucking around getting screenshots and uploaded five different mailing lists and got this :)

Facebook ban for uploading too many contact lists to email recipiants


Oh well.  Another day, or several days depending on how Facebook feels about me!  So, that’s how you invite your email contacts to like your Facebook page.  Simple but effective!


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