Online Store Traffic Statistics Infographic

Interesting Infographic on traffic statistics for online stores.  Worth a look if you own a boutique or other eCommerce enterprise and are not using social media well, or are continually getting a high bounce rate.  This covers both quantity and quality of traffic to online shops.  When small biz owners look at their online store traffic statistics, they tend to focus on the session numbers – this is a big mistake.  In addition to the number of users coming to your site, you need to look at how they’re using it, and of course, if they’re spending!

Warning signs there’s trouble – using your stats!

High bounce rates, too few returning customers, low conversion rate, too many abandoned carts…Google Analytics shows you dozens of statistical warning signs that your business is under-performing.  Unfortunately Google Analytics gets shoved into the “too hard basket” by online boutique owners.  I wrote a series for Google Analytics newbies that may help bring some clarity to your reports (click here to get started).  Even learning a little about Analytics will help you make a LOT of improvements.

Note that this study and infographic was sponsored by Yopto – take from that what you will.

Yotpo - Online Store Traffic Trends - Why Traffic Quality Matters - Moblized

Need help improving your online store traffic statistics?

If you’re not getting traffic from the right sources, or if you’re finding that your bounce rate is through the roof you may wish to expand your marketing activities.  Talk About Creative, my company, can help with both diagnostics and implementing new strategies to improve your online store traffic statistics.

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