Sharing Content Best Practice – How Google Wants YOU to Share Content

How does Google want you to share content?  What’s the best practice?  It’s no secret that Google has been aching to get everyone signed up to Google Plus.  There’s good reason too, Google Plus is dripping with candy for webmasters…  You’ve probably been using the same old way to share content for your whole internet based life – but it’s not the way Google wants you to do it.  Here’s how and why you’re sharing content wrong!


And the best practice way to share content online is….


Share content the way Google orders - best practice for sharing content online

Click to Tweet: Tip: Create. Share to Google +. Share Google+ link everywhere else.

Won’t this annoy my existing Facebook fans?

Once could argue that Facebook fans spend half their lives annoyed at the moment.  It might, creating extra clicks to get to content may annoy people but it’s more about conditioning them to use Google + – just what Google would like you to do.  You’re kind of being forced to become an advertising vessel for Google but damn, the rewards are nice.  Call it symbiotic and you’ll feel better about being a pawn!


OMG I just hate sharing content on Google Plus – it’s so confusing

If you’ve not used Google Plus in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised – it’s been streamlined a little to make it easier.  If you’re proficient at Facebook or Pinterest, you will be following the same “structure” so it’s not too hard.  Sign up to Google Plus as a human, use the left column to go to pages,  create a page and bam you’re off.  There is help at hand – I offer three options through this page and through the Talk About Creative site.

1. Check out our “Google Plus/Facebook decoder ring” here.  It will help Facebook users make the transition

2. Register your interest for a 2 hour tutorial on Google Plus via our training page

3. Check out the Talk About Creative Blog for tons of articles on Google Plus




    • hahahaha

  1. Yep – you’re right – don’t really like creating extra clicks for my readers! But I can see your point and why it would work too… will have to give it a try!


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