Social Media Reach – In Perspective!

So I had a sobering thought about social media reach – we’re here, happily posting random stuff and then complaining when only 300 people see it.  All without a second thought.  Meanwhile, if you had to stand up in front of 300 people and say something, it would look roughly like this.  You’d be SO nervous and it would seem like an awful lot of people to talk to at once!

social media reach in perspective - 300 people in an audience


OK so that still might not be a rocking in the corner experience for you, especially if you’re an accomplished public speaker… So what about if you’re managing a page with 10,000 fans that only reaches about 4000 per post.  You’re cursing Facebook quietly under your breath as you decide to pay for that extra reach.  But in reality, 4000 people is quite a lot – you social reach is actually pretty good.  Check it out!

Facebook reach 4000 people

If you had the chance to tell this many people one thing – you’d make it COUNT.  You wouldn’t tell them a funny joke about a cat with bad grammar unless the punchline offered some value to your brand – would you?  I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t think speaking in front of this many people wasn’t a BIG deal. (wow, that’s an awful sentence)

So, what about the gold status. You write a status or do a promo that contains your branding info, it goes viral, gets all those lovely shares.  And yet, you’re crestfallen.  After 150 shares and it only reaches 10,000 people – back in the day you were reaching 200,000 with that many shares!  What a crappy result, right? Well, here’s that with a little added perspective!


10,000 people social media reach


So if a sell out crowd at Brisbane Entertainment Centre isn’t enough from one post, then you may wish to reconsider what’s good and what’s not on platforms like Facebook.  Social media reach may not be what it was, but it’s still a great way to spread your branding message, free of charge.


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  1. This is so true! We often forget how much people are actually in the numbers, this is a great way of putting things in perspective!


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