Groundbreaking Tech News: “The Digital” Alleged To Be “More Than One Job”

“These businesses have too many people doing small jobs for them, I don’t understand why they don’t just hire one person who does the digital?” said senior public servant, John Smith.

In a shocking revelation, claims have been made that “The Digital” is not simply one job. This news has caused shock and outrage amongst public servants, business owners and friends who need their computer fixed.  Brisbane provider of The Digital, Talk About Creative generated the controversial blog post that many have dismissed as “a ploy to get more money”. It not only alleged workers with different job titles are responsible for doing The Digital, but also that there are different company structures inside this field. Talk About Creative argues in the blog that to get the best results from digital campaigns, you cannot rely on one provider to do all the digital.

Digital Providers:  Horribly Unprofessional?

In a review of activities carried out by digital professionals, it was found that fewer than 1% could do all the digital. While some could do all the online, very few could also do all the computer too. What is largely considered to be a lack of professionalism in the digital industry has boiled over into outrage.

“We had to fire our blogger because she flat refused to change the coding on our website. There’s no professionalism in the digital industry.

said Rob, small business owner.

Representatives of the Liberal Government’s “Department of The Digital” report that small businesses are being conned. Australian small business is being forced to contract not only an IT company, but a company that can do their search engine optimisation – and in some cases separate contractors for social media activity too.


Anger over The Digital

John Smith, senior public servant in the Department of The Digital calling for better management of this industry.

“These businesses have too many people doing small jobs for them, I don’t understand why they don’t just hire one person who does the digital?” said senior public servant, John Smith.


Similarly, business owners are reporting a growing trend in “computer staff” refusing to work across multiple tasks, complaining of poor skills and a lack of professionalism.

“We had a problem with our firewall and it made me very angry that our Social Media Manager didn’t fix it. It’s her job to do digital.” said admin assistant, Jane.


Sales Teams Express Disappointment in The Digital

Sales professionals are reporting a horrifying trend where The Computer Deparment are flat refusing to help close sales. While the digital is widely regarded as a sales tool, there is a growing resistance to using the digital to assist in company sales activity.

“I have my doubts that our help desk guy even went to university, he doesn’t even have an Instagram account. I reported him, I think he’s a fraud” said Sam, Sales Account Manager.

Have your say. Is the industry ripping off business or does The Digital and The Computers actually require more than one worker?


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  1. Couldnt agree more!!

    All my friends want me to do the digitial too.


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