Black, Grey and White Hat SEO – What’s the difference?

Black, Grey, White Hat SEO – What’s the difference?

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Did you know, in SEO terminology, there are different techniques, categorised into: White, Grey and Black Hat SEO. Other than monochrome shades, what’s the difference? Isn’t SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, all the same? No. Read on to find out more.

White Hat SEO

Think of Mr White Hat SEO as your good boy in class. He doesn’t break the rules, and he doesn’t want to upset Google. Mr White Hat SEO, chooses to grow web traffic steadily over a period of time using above-board techniques. He does this by churning out constant quality content, and links back to articles and pages within the same website.

Grey Hat SEO

Miss Grey Hat SEO is middle-of-the-road. She likes to stay true to the rules, but doesn’t mind a bit of experimentation. Miss Grey Hat SEO schemes ways to improve website ranking. She knows the risks associated with Google penalties if she gets caught, but chooses to test the waters a little bit. Miss Grey Hat SEO goes about this by:

  • Arranging reciprocal link exchanges with a other websites
  • Rewriting existing content, throwing a new spin on an old article
  • Paying popular social media sites to link to her site

Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO’s naughty twin Black Hat SEO, does everything he can to increase his page rank. He will use aggressive tactics, which are deemed completely inappropriate in the eyes of Google. Does he care? Not really. Bold and ballsy Black Hat SEO will focus on quick results, and more than likely see his site penalised, eventually. Mr Black Hat SEO has a number of dark tricks up his sleeve, such as:

Hidden text

Including keywords into an article, which are not visible to the internet user, but are picked up by search engines. This is done by using white on white text.

Spam comments

Black Hat SEO uses the comments section of blogs to link to his site. He also ploughs through forums looking for ways to link back to his site.

Uses money to buy links

It is possible to buy and sell links on the internet for just a few dollars. Mr Black Hat SEO is all over this like a rash, and doesn’t care where links to his site are listed. There are thousands of spam websites, whose sole purpose is to trade links in exchange of money.

Keyword stuffing

It’s totally OK to add a few keywords to web content, but Mr Black Hat SEO takes this to the extreme. He will add keywords to articles in every few sentence, without caring in the slightest if it makes the site look spammy.

All the aforementioned monochromatic SEO hats, despite being vastly different in techniques, are all after the same end goal; to increase web site ranking. There are good ways of doing this, or bad ways. Make sure you make the right choice.


Image Credit – Alphacoders

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