Why I Write Blog Hop 2014

What is a blog hop - Why I Write blog hop 2014


What is a blog hop?  Well, I’m diving in and finding out while taking part in the current blog hop organised by Cate, owner of mummy blog Life Behind the Purple Door (she’s also a whiz bang blog mentor – just putting that out there) which was shared with me by Food Writer Tara Matthews.   This is my first blog hopping experience, so I’m a little bit shy and self-conscious, so be gentle with me!  I also have a sinus infection which isn’t doing me any favours…  RIGHT enough excuses, let’s get this “Why I Write” blog hop going!

What is a blog hop and how does it work?

Tara was kind enough to explain! You answer a series of questions in a blog post.  You link out to three bloggers you love and invite them to participate – like a blogging chain letter without the threat of haunting and death if you break the chain!   Once you’ve written your entry, you add your link here and then make a coffee and read some other people’s entries.  So much fun!  So here goes, my first every blog hop – wish me luck!

What am I working on?

The other bloggers in the blog hop are all personal bloggers (so far) so their answers are about ideas, projects, their lives, their dreams, their kids and topics as diverse as the blogs themselves.  So, i am adding business to that list!  I am working on a strategy for a not-for-profit chain of stores and a hairdresser’s website. These are both unusual projects.  Although I get inspired and excited by all my clients (that’s the key to good writing) these two are personal for me.  The hairdresser is a friend and she’s leaving her employer to go out on her own. Her employer isn’t especially nice and this is going to mean taking more control of her future and feeling better about her job, herself and her family.  It’s very rewarding to see first hand what my writing can do for one person.   The not-for-profit sets up projects all over the world to rescue children from the poverty cycle.  Talk about an inspiring client!  My writing will help engage people here in Australia and get them excited about helping.  This is huge for me because I’ve always LOVED this charity and supported it.  I’m honored (and a little intimidated) to be working on it.  As a business blogger, you don’t get the chance to work with clients like these ALL the time.  Every client is unique and interesting but not every one will hit home as hard as these.

How is my writing different to others in my genre?

There’s two different answers for this….the first is that I do all the nuts and bolts stuff to help Google find the website and rank it well for the right keywords.  This means hours of keyword research and subtly writing in words for Google.  My writing (and my team’s writing) is also unique in that I’m  a copywriter first, SEO second.  Too often in our industry, an SEO does all the work and then slaps together some content to serve SEO purposes.  We do it the other way, and I believe the results are much better!

Why do I write what I do?

“Writing is a dog’s life, but the only life worth living,” – Gustave Flaubert

I guess the answer has to be money :)  The more complex answer is that I am working on my own terms. I’m spending my time the way I like to spend it – with my child…or taking naps…basically just doing what I want when I want.  Luckily, writing is one of the things I enjoy doing – and personal blogging too (this is a blog hop on my personal/professional blog after all).  When I was at university, my classmates all wanted to be novelists or famous bloggers or film writers – I liked writing short stories but wasn’t that excited by fiction.  My part time job was writing commercials for radio and I got passionate and excited in a way I didn’t get when writing fiction.  So, I guess I was cut out to be a copywriter, not a famous blogger or novelist – born to get excited about uncovering valuable benefits!  Not quite Flaubert…and that’s why I’m a copywriter!

How does my writing process work

In 47 stages….the first 46 being procrastination.  If I’m excited to write about something or I’m struck with inspiration for a blog entry, it’s just stream of consciousness writing and the process is extremely quick and simple.  If it’s a client, it’s about researching; their brand, their industry, their product, their challenges and then finally, their keywords.  Then writing is about uncovering the benefits they have to offer and then building a story around those. Finally it’s about peppering in the content optimisation elements so Google can enjoy my writing too!

Finally, to invite bloggers to the Why I Write Blog Hop 2014!

Lara of This Charming Mum – I hereby nominate you to join us in the Why I Write Blog Hop!  Lara is a very clever clogs who writes beautifully and about smart stuff like books!


Marie of Marie O’Neill Design + Illustration – writes quirky, fun short illustrated pieces for use on social media – she’s got a blog but is not a blogger, she writes but is not a writer – surely she can offer something a bit out of the norm!


Chelsea from Tiptoe and Co - Chelsea is a business blogger who writes about pretty things for toddlers.  She’s a new blogger and is passionate and excited about growing her blog, so Chelsea, here’s a little inspiration! This has been fun,  I plan to do more of these blog hops in the future – see, venture into something new and bam, I am all inspired and excited!


  1. Thanks Dana! From what I’ve read, most people on the blog hop write because they ‘can’t not write’. It’s that simple! But it’s fascinating to explore how, why and if people choose to make a living from it. Thanks for hooking me up.

  2. Thanks Dana! I’m still very much finding my way with the writing thing but find it so interesting.

  3. Thanks Dana! I think I may be with you on those first 46 stages – but this is some great inspiration, it’s got me thinking and I can’t wait to get started on my own Blog Hop!


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